Unclear line between the roles of trainers and participants (i.e. confusion created by the trainers)

This dilemma does tend to come up. Most often it is when discussing current social problems and analysing their causes and consequences, because in such situations people are easily upset or angered. As a trainer, it is important to me to present my view and expose myself to an extent comparable to what is required of the participants, but for the role of the trainer it is important that I do not enter into competition around trying to prove who is right, because this could make someone feel personally hurt or attacked by the position that I present. If that happens, there will be a loss of trust which will affect the rest of the workshop or training. It is important to discuss dilemmas within the team. It is also important that the training team substantively participates in the work and that they present their experiences and opinions, as long as this does not turn into a series of monologues and as long as others are not expected to accept these interventions as the conclusion or the truth. With experience, it becomes easier to balance the exchange with participants and the responsibilities you have as a trainer for the overall process.