Workshop Examples

Addressing Fear

The objectives of the Addressing Fear workshop may include: understanding your own emotions and behaviours in stressful situations, trying out different approaches when we feel fear, giving encouragement for overcoming fear and for empowerment. Exercis

Cooperation and Teamwork

The Cooperation and Teamwork workshop usually takes up two whole blocks, meaning one full day at the ten-day Basic Training in Peacebuilding organised by CNA. That is why the workshop example below consists of two parts and takes a total of some seven

Cooperation and Teamwork 2

Workshop Example (Part Two) Game   Planet Type of exercise: Role play Duration: 90–100 minutes Materials: Paper, pencils   Exercise description Check that everyone has a paper and pencil and then slowly and clearly read the background story a

Creative Conflict Transformation

The topic of Creative Conflict Transformation is tackled using the theatre of the oppressed method, also known as forum theatre or statues theatre. The main aim of this workshop is to strengthen constructive and creative transformation and try out tech

Dealing with the Past

The quality of the workshop on Dealing with the Past depends to a large extent on previous knowledge and awareness about its major topics: violence, understanding and analysing conflicts, prejudice and discrimination, identity and diversity. But it mos

Dealing with the Past 2

The quality of the workshop on Dealing with the Past depends to a large extent on previous knowledge and awareness about its major topics: violence, understanding and analysing conflicts, prejudice and discrimination, identity and diversity. But it mos


Workshop Example Game   I Will… / I Need… Type of exercise: Independent work, presentations in plenary Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Different coloured post-its, pencils   Exercise description Distribute several post-its in various colo


A workshop on this topic is a staple of Basic Training organised by the CNA. Wherever we go, we run up against the patriarchy, the position of women in society, as well as the position of sexual and other minorities and marginalised groups. When we man

Identities and Diversity

The objectives of the Identity and Diversity workshop are empowering participants to withstand the pressure to adapt their identities to a dominant social model, dealing with diversity, a better understanding of others and developing solidarity and emp

Introduction and Getting to Know Each Other

This is the first workshop of the training. It should give everyone a chance to briefly introduce themselves. Then the agenda and working method should be presented, along with basic information on the training, and expectations should be elicited from


The objectives of the Leadership workshop include: analysing the role of leader and expectations of leaders, analysing the link between the group and the leader, analysing the division of responsibility into collective and personal in systems with a le


The goals of the Nonviolence workshop are to better understand the concept and principles of nonviolence and to promote nonviolence. We usually address this topic at advanced workshops where participants have some existing knowledge on violence, identi

Nonviolent Communication

The main aims of the workshop on Nonviolent Communication are: identifying what people in the group like and what bothers them in communication with others; drawing up an agreement about working together that will be used as the basis for mutual cooper

Peace Activism and Nonviolent Action

One of the main goals of this workshop is to encourage an active role in peacebuilding, from sparking motivation for peace activism, through providing inspiration for simple or more complex activities, to workshopping ideas about peace activism. Worksh

Peace Activism and Nonviolent Action 2

Workshop Example 2 Game   Planning Work on Peacebuilding in the Local Community Type of exercise: Small group work, plenary presentations and discussion Duration: 2–3 work blocks (360–540 minutes) Materials: A few copies of the handout, a large pi


A certain level of sensitivity to different forms of violence is a precondition for working on the topic of Peacebuilding. If the participants have not done the workshop aimed at sensitising them to violence, then that should be the first step. There c


One of the aims of the Perception workshop is drawing attention to how much our perceptions differ and how common that is, then accepting different perceptions and views, and better understanding the factors that impact perceptions. Perception exercise


Some of the goals of the Power workshop are mapping sources of power in a society and encouraging participants to recognise their power. Power is often understood as an exclusively negative attribute, so one of the goals should be understanding how pow

Prejudice and Discrimination

The objectives of the workshop include dealing with prejudices in society, our own prejudices and the prejudices of others in relation to us. It aims to encourage the deconstruction of prejudices and the image of the enemy in society, and to develop em


Since reconciliation is often equated with forgiveness, the main objective of this workshop is to achieve a better understanding of reconciliation and distinguish its meaning at the level of society and at the level of the individual. Workshop Example


At CNA we no longer dedicate workshops specifically to trustbuilding. Instead, it is an ever- present goal that we work on from the very beginning, with introductions and getting to know each other exercises, and on through all the other topics and wor

Understanding and Analysing Conflict

The main objectives of the Understanding and Analysing Conflict workshop include making a clear distinction between conflict and violence, analysing your own behaviour and that of others in conflict situations, helping to develop an understanding of co


The main objectives of the Violence workshop are developing sensitivity for various forms of violence in society, mapping social phenomena and processes relevant to peacebuilding and raising awareness about structural and cultural forms of violence. On