Blind Following*

Materials: Blindfolds (scarves, kerchiefs, etc.)


Exercise description

Before the workshop, ask participants to bring something to the workshop that they can use as a blindfold (a scarf, kerchief, T-shirt, etc.). The group is divided into pairs. Each pair consists of Person A and Person B. Person A leads and Person B follows wearing a blindfold. The exercise lasts for 15 minutes and during this time the pair can do whatever they want but with the following restrictions: a) the exercise is non-verbal so no talking is allowed, and b) Person B cannot take off the blindfold. After 15 minutes, the roles are reversed.


Suggested questions for evaluating the exercise:

  • What was this experience like?
  • Which role was more difficult? Why?
  • How did you lead?
  • How were you led?



*Inspired by an exercise from: Lünse, Dieter et al. Zivilcourage. 1995. p. 66. 66.

Possible difficulties:

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