Large barometer: Peacebuilding

Materials: Prepared pieces of paper with statements (see exercise description)

The large barometer method. The poles of the barometer are “Is peacebuilding” and “Is not peacebuilding”.

Some statements and social phenomena for the barometer:

  1. The return of refugees
  2. Religious institutions
  3. Emphasising your national identity
  4. Capital punishment
  5. NATO bombing of Serbia and Montenegro
  6. ICTY
  7. KFOR
  8. Feminism
  9. Alternative civilian service
  10. Trying war criminals in their own countries
  11. Abortion
  12. Legalising soft drugs
  13. Censorship of the media
  14. Better to deal with KFOR tanks than Serb policemen
  15. Gay/lesbian marriages
  16. Gay/lesbian couples adopting children
  17. Peace activism
  18. 51% women in politics
  19. Arming for defence
  20. International community
  21. Patriotism
  22. Humanitarian aid
  23. Dayton Agreement
  24. Privatisation – a step towards Europe
  25. Female pilot, female psychologist, female judge, female president, female miner, female minister, female locksmith, female mayor…
  26. Introducing religious instruction in schools
  27. Rebuilding the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka
  28. National flag on a church steeple
  29. Better living standard
  30. Positive discrimination (affirmative action)
  31. Non-governmental organisations – NGOs
  32. Globalisation
  33. Tradition
  34. The Chinese
  35. The Americans
  36. Equality of women in the military
  37. Revision of Second World War history
  38. “White Armbands” action in Prijedor
  39. Peace activists at a commemoration for military casualties


Type of exercise:


45-90 min


We usually pick 10 statements for a group of 20 participants. Each statement is printed twice so that everyone has an opportunity to put at least one statement on the barometer. Often the same statement ends up in different positions on the barometer.

Possible difficulties:

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