Leadership Barometer

Exercise description


The barometer method Go through three to five statements.


Suggested statements for the barometer:

  • A leader must be a figure of authority.
  • Any complex task requires a leader.
  • A leader has more responsibility than the rest of the group.
  • The purpose of the leader is to heap all the responsibility on one person.
  • A team works better if it has a leader.
  • Anyone can be a leader.

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


As a rule, the Barometer is not moderated and those speaking are not asked additional questions. However, if a participant in the Barometer starts expressing agreement or disagreement with something another participant said, they should be reminded to only express their own opinion. Otherwise, a discussion is likely to develop, but the set-up of the Barometer is not conducive to discussion because participants cannot all see each other (which is the basic prerequisite for communication).

It is optimal to have three to five prepared statements for the Barometer. The Barometer should not last for more than 30–40 minutes, because people will get tired standing on their feet and this will lead to a drop in attention when listening to others.

Possible difficulties:

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