Questions and Dilemmas I Am Trying to Solve

Flipchart papers are placed on the floor. The participants write their questions and/or dilemmas on them (relevant to the topic of the training). After ten minutes or so, someone from the training team reads what they have written out loud or the participants are asked to read from the sheets of paper themselves. Materials: Flipchart paper, felt-tip pens or markers


Alternative version of the exercise

Instead of writing on large sheets of paper on the floor, post-its can be distributed to the participants to write down their questions/dilemmas. Then, one by one, the participants read what they have written and attach the post-its to a designated spot (wall or floor newspaper).

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


This exercise is useful for quickly scanning the group, surveying the participants’ interest and getting them to name the things that bother them.

Possible difficulties:

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