Reflection and Analysis of Teamwork

Materials: Flipchart paper, markers

Exercise description

Step 1 – Everyone thinks individually about the following: How satisfied am I with my behaviour in teamwork?  How satisfied am I with the behaviour of others?

Step 2 – Divide into small groups of four and discuss the above questions (15–20 minutes).

Step 3 – The small groups are then tasked with preparing wall newspapers about:  Why teamwork? What is the benefit of teamwork? Why a leader? When is it necessary to have a leader? Make an “exhibition” of wall newspapers so that everyone can read them.

Step 4 – Brief discussion in plenary.


Type of exercise:


45-90 min


The Teamwork Workshop is usually very emotional, so it is beneficial to set aside some time at the end for working in small groups and reflecting on the experience in order to give people an opportunity to think about what they got out of the day in a safe space.