Materials: A few hundred Smarties(or similar sweets) and small dishes for all the participants

Exercise description

The whole group sits in a semicircle and everyone takes a small dish. Before the start of the exercise, the trainer reads the instructions clearly and slowly: “I have a whole bunch of sweets. I will give 20 sweets to the person at the beginning of this semicircle. That person can keep as many sweets as they like (they can keep all of them or none) and give the rest to the next person in the semicircle. The next person can also keep as many sweets as they like and pass the rest on. The last person in the semicircle also decides how many sweets to keep and gives the rest of the sweets (if there are any left) to me. If any of the sweets get back to me, the exercise continues and the first person in the semicircle will receive twice as many sweets as were returned to me. Communication is allowed during the exercise, but the order of seating and the order to passing on the sweets may not be changed.”


Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise:

How satisfied are you with the process, what bothered you and why?

How do those with the least sweets feel, and how do those with the most feel?


Type of exercise:


15-60 min


Possible difficulties:

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