Squares, Dots

Materials: Coloured stickers of different colours (squares, dots, etc.)



Exercise description Every participant gets a sticker on his/her forehead without seeing what the sticker is. For example, seven get a red square, five blue, two green, two yellow, one person gets black and one white. In addition, some people may get a combination of colours, for example, one person may get a red and blue square, and another a yellow and red square. Instructions: Get into groups without verbal communication.


Evaluation Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise: What happened?



This exercisesimulates the imposition of identities and division into groups according to an imposed criterion, which is frequently seen in our societies with ethnic, gender and other forms of discrimination. The participants often go for the first logical way of solving the task and form groups only based on the colour of the dots/squares they were given. Becoming aware of the mechanism they are subject to can be painful when people realise they are cast in the role of the discriminated or the discriminators.

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