Twenty Minutes of Blindness

Materials: Blindfolds for all participants (scarves, kerchiefs)


Exercise description Slowly and clearly read the instructions: “The whole group will spend 20 minutes doing as they please. You can go wherever you want (on your own or together), you can talk, etc., but everyone apart from one person will be blindfolded during those 20 minutes. You must first select the person who will not be blindfolded and you can take as much time as you want. After that, you put on blindfolds and the 20 minutes starts running.” Evaluation Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise: What was it like? What happened? How satisfied are you with the decision-making process?


Deciding who will not be blindfolded can be a long and frustrating process, and this should be a focus of evaluation. On the other hand, where a decision is made quickly but without instructions or discussion of what will happen over the twenty minutes, people mayend up dissatisfied with how the exercise progressed.

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