World Café

This is an exercise where discussions and exchanges are structured to take place around more tables – for instance, 3 to 5 tables for a group of 20 participants. Every table has a “host” or “hostess” who remains at that table, while the others switch tables when given the sign to do so. Each table may also have a “tablecloth” made of paper on which participants can write notes or keywords from the discussion. At the trainer’s sign, the participants switch tables, meet the new “hostess” or “host” and are briefly introduced to what was being discussed at the table. The participants may also read the notes from the “tablecloth” and then they continue the discussion where the previous group left off or they discuss another issue related to the previous discussion. Organise at least three rounds so that all participants go to at least three tables, i.e. three different discussions. At the end, the “hostesses” and “hosts” should briefly report back about the discussion at their table.

Type of exercise:


90-180 min


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