Hunter, Granny, Lion

The lion is scared of the hunter (the hunter shoots from a gun); the granny is scared of the lion (the lion shows his “front paws” and roars); and the hunter is scared of the granny (the granny wags her finger). Participants are divided into two groups. Each group agrees on which of the three roles they will play and everyone in the group plays that same role (hunter, granny, lion). The groups stand in lines facing each other and when the trainer givers the signal they “play” their chosen role. The group that wins (“scares” the other group) gets a point. The game is played in three rounds.


The game is played out in the open and two “safe” zones about 10 metres behind the lines of participants are determined. When the groups play their parts, the team that loses (their character is scared by the character from the other group) run backwards so that they can reach the safe zones before the other group can catch them. Those who don’t manage to save themselves become part of the group that caught them.

This game can last for a very, very long time so that it finishes with one group becoming part of another group. Or it can be stopped after some time.


0-15 min