Insufficient time to prepare the training content in detail

At CNA, we practise a flexible concept of ten-day training, which in practice means that of the eight working days, we prepare a detailed plan for the first three, and we set up the principles for the rest of the training, i.e. we collect topics and workshop concepts that we can use. We assess needs on the spot, the most important questions for the group we are working with at the time. This concept is very demanding because it entails planning workshops in the evenings when everyone is tired and when time is very limited. This can only work properly in a team where at least two members have a lot of experience, because it is very demanding for less experienced trainers. That is why it is important that those with less experience assess their capabilities beforehand and find time to prepare for the exercises they will be running, while communicating any apprehensions or uncertainties to the rest of the team. Time is always scarce during the training, which is why we recommend taking the time to prepare beforehand, bearing in mind that after preparations are complete you will also need a break so as not to start the training already exhausted.