Team coordination

The training team has the right to not be coordinated! Spontaneous and disparate reactions from the team may sometimes seem awkward or disruptive, but you should keep in mind that they can also contribute to the credibility of cooperation despite differences that the training team seeks to demonstrate. And don’t worry about how some of the participants will view the situation, whether they will find fault with some misstep you make. Everyone will have their own reasons for the personal judgement they espouse. I personally find it most important to be free, to not be tied down by “loyalties”. There should be no pacts among the team about refraining from contradicting each other in front of the group. If I need to publicly express an opinion that contradicts a team member’s, I will usually do so, unless I think it might have an undesirable effect on my team partner (e.g. making them lose self-confidence), in which case I will find an opportunity outside the workshop to express my opinion. The best team is one where everyone is free to be who they are, without holding back or feeling inhibited.