A Pebble for a Present

Materials: Pebbles

Exercise description

The morning or evening before the exercise, ask participants to go for a short walk, alone or with company, and to each find one pebble that they can bring to the final workshop. At the beginning of the exercise you should check that everyone (including the training team) has a pebble.

Everyone sits in a circle. The task is for everyone to give their pebble to another person in the group with words of support. Each person receives a single pebble and puts it on the floor in front of them as a sign to others that they have already received a pebble.


Alternatively, if looking for pebbles proves to be too difficult, the training team can make sure a pile of pebbles is available in the centre of the room so that people can take a pebble and give it to someone.

Also, the object doesn’t have to be a pebble. It can be a flower, a leaf, an abandoned snail shell or some other natural object.

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


Possible difficulties:

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