Action Pillars*

Materials: Large pieces of paper, markers, “action pillars” model


Exercise description

The participants are divided into three groups. The groups are given the task of choosing a specific social issues, something that they consider a social injustice and something that they could work on in the context of peacebuilding.

Beforehand, present the action pillars model (see image).

The social issue that is being analysed is written down in the central triangle. The lines/pillars that hold the triangle up represent everything that supports and makes possible this injustice: organisations, institutions, phenomena, etc. These should be written down on the lines. The horizontal lines that lead to the pillars represent all the activities that could be undertaken to influence these pillars in order to solve the issue.

The task of each group is to use the action pillars to analyse their chosen issue, and to outline this model on a large piece of paper and fill in the analysis they have done.

Recommendation: Print out the action pillars model for each group. A copy for printing on A4 paper can be found for downloading here

There is a presentation in the plenary and a short discussion after each presentation.


Type of exercise:


45-90 min


* Jean Goss & Hildegard Goss-Mayr, in: Karl Heinz Bittl-Drempetic. Gewaltfrei Handeln, p. 288. 288

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