Materials: “Paintings”, “Points”

Exercise description

The participants split into three groups. Each group is given the task of buying as many paintings at the auction as they can. The bidding for each painting starts at 20 points, and there are a total of 10 paintings. Each group has 200 points to spend. The groups choose their representatives for the auction. After each painting is sold, the groups have one minute to consult with their representatives on strategy, or to change their representative. The group with the most paintings wins. If two groups have the same (highest) number of paintings, the winner is the group with the most points left over.

Additionally, one participant can be given secret instructions before the workshop to impose him or herself as a leader and to work against the interest of the group, making wilful decisions.



Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise: How satisfied are you with the result? How did you choose your representative? How satisfied are with how you were represented? Did you change representatives? Why? What happened in the group where the leader was given secret instructions?



Possible difficulties:

Workshop example:

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