Materials: Chairs or other items to serve as obstacles

Exercise description

The participants split into two groups. Each group forms a “centipede”: They stand in a column, eyes closed, with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front. The first person in the line stretches their arms out in front. The last person in the line is the only one with eyes open. That person directs the centipede by pressing down on the left shoulder of the person in front to turn left and down on the right shoulder to turn right, and down with both hands to stop (if they are moving) or to move (if they are standing). As soon as a participant feels the shoulder signal, he or she passes it on to the person in front. The centipede thus begins moving and tries to avoid running into the other centipede moving at the same time, or into the other obstacles in the room (walls, chairs, etc.). The role of the person directing the centipede is rotated so that every one or two minutes, the person directing moves to the head of the line and the left last person in the back takes up directing. When everyone has had a chance to try out the directing role, the exercise is complete.


What was it like? What role was the hardest for you?

* Bittl-Drempetic. Gewaltfrei Handeln, str. 262.


This exercise can also be used to explore the topic of leadership.

Possible difficulties:

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