Exercise description

If it is a large group, divide it into two smaller groups. The group stands in a circle. One person is the “initiator”. The initiator steps into the centre of the circle and their task is to stand in front of each participant and to address them with the words: “Change!”. The person being addressed should react spontaneously depending on how they were addressed, and they can even say something briefly (this is not a non-verbal exercise). Proceed in a circle, slowly and without any hurry. When the initiator has done a full circle, they go back to their place and the next person in the group takes on the role of initiator. Everyone should have a turn in this role.



Suggested questions for evaluating the exercise:

  • How did you feel instructing others? How did you deliver your message?
  • How did you feel being instructed? Why?
  • How was the message delivered?
  • How did the person who demanded change act?


Possible difficulties:

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