Come and Go

Exercise description Participants are divided into two groups – group A and group B. The groups line up to face each other with a few metres between the lines so that each person in one group has a corresponding pair in the other group. Instructions: “People in group A should give their corresponding pair a non-verbal instruction about the direction (forward or backwards) that they should move in. The corresponding pair should follow the instructions. After two minutes, everyone goes back to their starting positions and people in group B move one place to the left so that they have a new person issuing them instructions. After five or six rounds, the roles change so that B issues instructions and A follows. After another five rounds the exercise is finished.


Evaluation Suggested questions for evaluating the exercise:

  • How did you feel in each role and why?
  • Did you introduce new rules?
  • To what extent did you maintain eye contact (with the person you are “controlling” or with person “controlling” you)?


Possible difficulties:

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