Dealing with the Past in My Society

Materials: Flipchart paper, markers


Exercise description

The participants split into groups based on the countries they come from. Their task is to prepare a presentation on the state of dealing with the past (DwP) in their society by answering the following questions where relevant:

Additional questions:

– Summarise the dominant narrative about the recent war(s) in five sentences.

– What is your attitude towards the dominant narrative?

– What is the purpose of dealing with the past in your society?

– What are the outcomes of that process?

– Who “drives” the process (who takes the initiative)?

– Who opposes the process? Why?

– What are the major DwP mechanisms and significant developments?

– What was painful for society in the process?

– Is there a link between DwP and reconciliation? (Who should reconcile with whom?)

– In your opinion, what is missing in DwP?

– What could others learn from how your society deals with the past?

This is followed by presentations in the plenary and questions for clarification.

Type of exercise:


90-180 min


Possible difficulties:

Workshop example:

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