Decision Making Model

Exercise description

Split into two groups. In both groups one to two people have the role of observers of the decision- making process (volunteers). The groups are given the task of making a decision about some issue. It is best to Type of exercise: Interactive, experiential exercise Duration: 60–75 minutes choose a concrete open question that cropped up during the training, or something relevant to them, such as deciding about what topic they want to discuss the next morning, or deciding what they want to do during their free time.

One group is simply told that they have 30 minutes to make a decision.

The other group is given a model to structure the process:

(1) 1 minute: choose a discussion facilitator and someone to keep time;

(2) 7 minutes: group members each express their view;

(3) 4 minutes: collect proposals for a solution;

(4) 2 minutes: quick round to find out what people think about the proposed solutions;

(5) 14 minutes: discussion of proposed solutions;

(6) 1 minute: final check to see if a solution acceptable to all has been found.



Both groups present their outcomes in plenary and discuss how satisfied they are with the result and the process of decision making. Then the observers present their observations. Finally, write on the wall newspaper what facilitates and improves the decision-making process.


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