Exploring Expectations: Tree of Expectations

Distribute the post-its. Give the participants a few minutes to write down their answers to the following questions: ͳ What would I like to see happen in this training? (on post-its of one colour, e.g. green) ͳ What would I not like to see happen in this training? (on post-its of another colour, e.g. white) Hang the large poster or flipchart paper with the tree drawing on the wall. Each person walks up to the tree, reads what they have written and puts the post-it on the poster: for example, green post-its on the tree branches and white ones on the trunk. Materials: Post-it notes in two colours, large tree drawing on flipchart paper

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


Decide for yourself, depending on the assessment of what would be more expedient, whether you want the order of presentation to be in relation to the report or in the direction of sitting in the plenum. If you notice that individuals do not want to participate, consider whether you have sufficiently explained the method and the reason for its choice.

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