Four Colours, Drawing Exercise

Materials: 4 flipchart papers; felt-tip pens, colouring pencils or crayons; questionnaire printout for each participant

Exercise description

Split into small groups of four. The participants pick a colour (crayons, felt-tip pens, colouring pencils). Each small group has the task of making a joint drawing, but without verbal communication.

When time is up for the drawing, each participant fills out the questionnaire independently, in silence.

Questionnaire for the exercise

  1. What feelings have I noticed in myself at the end of this exercise?
  2. What desires or needs do I recognise behind my feelings?
  3. What occupied my thoughts during the exercise?
  4. When I look at the finished drawing, I ask myself: How strong is my colour on the drawing?What does it look like compared to the other colours? How does my drawing differ from others in terms of shape and size?
  5. When I think about the course of the drawing exercise (start, directions, tempo, choice of colours, emphasis, conspicuous reactions, cooperation, disruption or following, imitation, atmosphere, etc.), I ask myself: How did I experience the process?  What role did I have?
  6. What reactions did I notice in myself during the exercise? What made me happy and what made me angry? What did I feel, and what did I think? What could have helped me? What do I wish I had done then?
  7. To what extent was my behaviour during the exercise typical of me? Do I recognise it from other situations?
  8. Are there any questions I would like to clarify with someone from the group?


The questionnaire for  printing on A4 paper, prepared for being filled out, is available for downloading here.

Before the evaluation, hang the drawings on the wall so that everyone can see them.



Invite the participants to pick a question from the questionnaire they would like to comment on. What kind of insights about cooperation did you get? Did you find out something new about cooperation?


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