Materials: Flipchart paper, felt-tip pens, markers Exercise description The trainer introduces the meaning of the term “iceberg”. The iceberg is a symbolic representation of what we show and what we conceal in conflicts – what we show is above the surface of the water, and what we conceal is underneath. And just like real icebergs, the bulk is submerged underwater and thus invisible. The participants split into three small groups. Their task is to sketch an iceberg and write down what is visible in conflict and what is concealed. When they are done, the small groups present their icebergs. This is followed by feedback and comments.


Alternative version

Alternatively, the exercise can have an additional step after the groups present their icebergs. The participants then go back to their small groups and discuss the following topics: – How do I access the submerged (concealed) part of my own iceberg? – How do I access it in others? – What can help improve communication in conflict?



Type of exercise:


45-90 min


Possible difficulties:

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