Exercise description The participants split into two groups of roughly the same size. One group should be asked to leave the room until they are invited back inside. The trainer does a fun exercise (telling stories, jokes, etc.) with the group that stays in the room. After 20 minutes, the participants who stayed in the room are asked not to tell the first group what they did and then the first group is invited to come back inside. When they return, the workshop continues with the next topic of the training/seminar which is of interest for all participants. After 20 minutes, interrupt the discussion to ask the participants who were outside the room: How do you feel now? Do you feel you are fully participating in the group or do you feel offended? How did you feel when you were excluded (or sent outside)? What did you do while you were outside? What did you feel towards the group that stayed when you returned? What did you think, why were you excluded? What does this situation remind you of?


* Mari Fitzduff. Community Conflict Skills: A Handbook for Group Work in Northern Ireland. 3rd ed. (1997), p. 45. 45.


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