Labyrinth of reconciliation

Divided in groups of 5-6, participants receive 20-30 notions written on paper strips, that ought to be categorized whether they belong to the reconciliation process and if not, explain why not. Time: 30 minutes

Notions: Truth, Justice, Forgiveness, Compassion, Oblivion, Celebration of war victories, Commemoration of war tragedies, Pain, Punishment, Reparation of losses, Sorrow, Acceptance that all cannot be resolved, Acceptance that all cannot be fixed, Joint remembrance, Remembrance of victims of the innocent side, One truth, One community, Prioritisation of victims, Reparations to former soldiers, Shame, Pride, Joy, Patience, Impatience, Filter good people from the bad, Integrate, Segregate, Betrayal of unity, Balancing the truths, Reliance on judiciary, Order, Discipline, Hierarchy, Respect the elderly, Mourn the losses, Enemies, Heroes, Foreigners, International community…

When they finalise the discussion and categotisation, each group, one by one is approached by others and clarification questions are asked.



Can be done with plenary presentations, but lasts longer and is less dynamic.

Possible difficulties:

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