Materials: Blindfolds, chairs


Exercise description

Divide into small groups of six or seven people. In each group, one person wears a blindfold. Using chairs, the others make a small labyrinth that isn’t too difficult to find your way out of. They put one chair inside the labyrinth for the person with the blindfold to sit on. They stand around the labyrinth and, one by one, they give the person with the blindfold precise instructions that will lead them to the assigned chair (e.g., “take two steps forward”, or “turn left”, or “take half a step back”). The person with the blindfold cannot use their hands and should keep them next to their sides. When they manage to sit down on the chair, they have navigated the labyrinth; they can take off the blindfold and rejoin the others. A new person is blindfolded and taken through the labyrinth until everyone has had a turn.



Suggested questions for evaluating the exercise:

  • How did you feel issuing instructions?
  • How did you feel making your way through the labyrinth?
  • Which role was more difficult?
  • What did you notice?

Type of exercise:


45-90 min


Possible difficulties:

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