Large Barometer: What Is/Is Not Ethical?

Materials: Prepared papers with statements (see exercise description)

The large barometer method


Exercise description

The poles of the barometer are

“Is ethical” and “Is not ethical”.


Some situations and approaches for the barometer:

  1. Creating a programme under instructions from the donor.
  2. Leaving out difficulties and problems from activity reports.
  3. Making a living doing peacebuilding.
  4. Cooperating with folk music celebrities to promote your ideas.
  5. Publicly criticising another NGO.
  6. Cooperation with war veterans’ associations.
  7. Paying per diem allowances to participants in peacebuilding training.
  8. Organising a youth seminar at the most expensive hotel in the country.
  9. Copyrighting peacebuilding.
  10. Peace work is part of the market economy.
  11. CNA proclaims the ethical standards of peace work.
  12. Peace activists should be loyal to each other.


Type of exercise:


45-90 min


Possible difficulties:

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