Participants’ Expectations

Hand out the different coloured post-its. Give the participants a few minutes to write down their answers to the following questions: – What do I expect from this training? – What do I expect from myself in this training? – What do I expect from others in this training? Place three flipchart papers on the wall or the floor. The participants approach the sheets of paper one by one, each read out loud their answers and stick their post-its to the appropriate flipchart paper


Alternative version of the exercise

The questions can be formulated differently. For example: – What would I like to see happen in this training? – What would I not like to see happen in this training?

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


If possible, leave these flipchart papers with the post-its in the training room to be available later. They can be of particular use at the end of the training, before evaluation, as a reminder of what the expectations were coming into the training, and to help assess what has been achieved.

Possible difficulties:

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