Parting Envelopes

Materials: Envelopes, paper, pencils

Every member of the group, including the trainers, receives an empty envelope. Everyone writes their name on their envelope and displays it somewhere that has been previously determined (for example, on one of the tables in the workshop room). The instructions are to write a message to anyone you want that you can then place into the envelope with that person’s name on it. Important instructions:

  • Participants should not write criticisms that require discussion (this should be done in person), but instead write nice things, offer support or list the things that they liked about that person.
  • You should take the envelope with your name and seal it. You should not open the envelope before arriving home. You should open the envelope once you are back home and have enough time to read the messages in peace.



Type of exercise:


45-90 min


The envelopes should be introduced a day or two before the end of the training so that participants have time to write messages to everyone they want to. The messages are very well received. We know of people who have kept their envelope ten years after their primary training.

Possible difficulties:

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