Peacebuilding and Me

Materials: Flipchart paper, markers, felt-tip pens


Exercise description

Everyone thinks about the following questions on their own:

“Things that confuse and annoy me the most about peacebuilding. What don’t I understand about this process? What is most important for me when it comes to peacebuilding? What fears and dilemmas do I have about it?”

On Flipchart paper on the floor, the participants write down their thoughts in response to the following topics (in the context of peacebuilding):

– “I get annoyed with…”

– “I am confused by…”

– “It’s a challenge for me…”

– “How long have I been involved in peacebuilding?”

– “My fears…”

– “Most important for me…”

After everyone has written down their answers on the papers on the floor, they discuss: “What is most memorable among these notes, what would we like to discuss in the plenary?”


Type of exercise:


15-60 min


Possible difficulties:

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