Reconciliation Has Arrived!

Materials: Multicoloured post-its, pencils, Flipchart paper


Exercise description

Everyone gets a few multicoloured post-its (have extra post-its on hand if needed). The task is to imagine that reconciliation has arrived and think about what else becomes possible that was impossible before and write it down on a post-it. One example per post-it. Set aside two or three minutes for thinking and writing. Then everyone is supposed to read what they’ve written and attach their post-its to the wall newspaper so that all the newly opened possibilities are gathered in one place.


Type of exercise:


15-60 min


It can be useful for someone from the training team to start off the presentations with a few creative examples to set the tone and open up a space for the imagination. Since mutual inspiration is inevitable, let people take extra post-its and volunteer for another turn to read their ideas.

Possible difficulties:

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