Similarities and Differences 2*

Materials: Worksheets, pencils

Exercise description

The participants are given copies of the worksheet with the following questions:

  • Three things I like
  • Three things I don’t like ͳ Three things we like
  • Three things we don’t like
  • What makes me different from the rest of the small group?

The participants work individually for the first 5 to 10 minutes, in silence, answering the first two questions. Then they get into groups of three. First they discuss in their small groups what they wrote during individual work, and then they answer the remaining questions together.

The worksheet for printing on A4 paper is available for downloading here.



Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise:

How easy was this task?

What was most difficult? Why?




* Katharina Schilling. Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation: Methods & games to facilitate training sessions (Berlin: Brot für die Welt, 2012), pp. 72–73.

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