To My Wall

Exercise description

Split into two groups. The groups line up facing each other so that each person from one group has a pair from the other. The pairs stand with their arms stretched out in front of them, but without touching Type of exercise: Interactive, experiential exercise Duration: 30 minutes palms, leaving a bit of space in between. Instructions: “This is a non-verbal exercise. Your task is to get to your wall (your wall is the one you are currently facing), but you have to make sure the distance between your palms and your partner’s is always the same. You have 10 minutes.”


What happened? Did you communicate? How did you agree on what to do?

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


This exercise usually plays out with the following three scenarios: some pairs remain in the middle, almost without moving; some pairs reach one wall and stop there; and some pairs first go to one wall and then the other. Sometimes, those that get stuck take a cue from the others and start moving. This simple exercise is illustrative of our behaviour in conflicts and how with a bit of effort everyone can come out happy.

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