Where I Live

Make a large “carpet” by connecting the flipchart papers with masking tape (so they don’t move around). It should be large enough so that the participants can gather round it with everyone having enough space. The task is for everyone to draw something they particularly dislike about living in their place of residence (city, region, country). They can just draw a symbol if they like. When the drawings are done, everyone explains their drawing to the whole group. Put a second large “carpet” on the floor. Now the participants should draw something they particularly like about living in their city, country, region. This is followed by presentations to the plenary.



Materials: Flipchart paper, markers, crayons

Type of exercise:


45-90 min


If the group is made up of people from different places, this exercise can also serve to introduce the different contexts the participants come from. It is also useful for getting to know each other and discussing what we find important in the society we live in. It can be used as an introduction when you need to make a transition from the individual to the social level, allowing the participants to reflect on the society they live in. It also provides the training team with a lot of important information for the course of the training: what is it that individuals or the whole group focus on? What do they consider particularly important? How do they interpret certain social phenomena? What has been left out of the discussion, shrouded in silence?


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