Fruit Salad*

  1. The group is divided into, for example, apples, raspberries, grapes and peaches. This can be done by counting off or by having the participants choose their favourite fruit, but there should be a similar number of people in each group.
  2. Everyone sits in a circle on their chairs except for the “cook” who stands in the middle of the circle. It’s important to have no free chairs in the circle (the cook’s chair is removed).
  3. The cook calls out a fruit, for example “Peaches!” (regardless of which group the cook belongs to). All the peaches have to get up and find a new seat and the cook also looks for a seat. The person left without a chair stands in the centre of the circle and becomes the new cook.
  4. The cook can also say, “Fruit salad!” Then everyone has to get up and find a new chair.
  5. The process is repeated a few times.

* Schilling. Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation: Methods & games to facilitate training sessions, p. 63.


0-15 min