A River of Identities

Materials: A stack of A4 paper


Exercise description Everyone gets five pieces of A4 paper. Task: On each one write in large letters one thing that means a lot to you. All papers are gathered and laid out in the middle of the room in the shape of a wide river where the papers represent stepping stones. One by one the participants cross the river, going from stone to stone, explaining each time why they stepped on that particular stone (which may be a paper someone else wrote on, but that the person can identify with).



It isvery important that you take your time with this exercise (i.e. without rushing across the stones) because that will best achieve the effect of empowerment and mutual respect. You should also set a calm and easy tone when introducing the exercise, and a member of the training team may be the first to cross the river and set the tempo. If the exercise takes longer than planned, don’t cut it short, because everyone should get an opportunity to cross the river. Someone may not want to cross the river, because it is too emotional for them. It is recommended that the training team also participate in this exercise.


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