Actors in Dealing with the Past


Paper, felt-tip pens, masking tape


Exercise description

With the help of the training team, the participants identify all the social groups relevant in public and political life (politicians, reporters, young people, NGOs, religious communities, war veterans, educators, etc.). Identify as many groups as possible, so that every one or two participants can represent one of the groups. The participants then choose which group to represent during the exercise and wear a name tag denoting the group they are representing.

One spot in the workroom is taken to represent the centre of dealing with the past in our societies. The participants should take up a position in relation to that centre, depending on the extent to which they believe the group they represent participates in and contributes to dealing with the past.

Everyone briefly explains why they have taken their particular position, and then discussion is opened about the different roles each group has (or should have) in the process of dealing with the past.

Type of exercise:


45-90 min


Possible difficulties:

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