Circle of Trust

Exercise description

Everyone stands in a circle with one person in the middle (make sure to start off with someone from the training team). The person in the middle stands with eyes closed, their body upright, their ankles relaxed and their arms by their side. The others hold out their arms and their task is to carefully pass this person around, swaying them about and returning them to the centre of the circle, making sure they do not fall down. After two or three minutes, someone else takes a turn in the middle of the circle.

The circle should not be too wide. (For 20 participants, set up two circles.)



Type of exercise:


15-60 min


This exercise develops a feeling of security in the group and can also be included in the

Trust- Building workshop. It is, therefore, recommended that the training team participate in it. It would be good for everyone to take a turn being passed around, but don’t pressure anyone who does not want to.

It is important to have a few participants who are already familiar with this exercise to show the others how to “sway” the person in the middle and pass them around. If this is not possible, the training team should participate in the exercise. When the person in the middle feels safe and relaxed enough, the circle can be widened a bit by making some room between those standing in the circle. The exercise can also be evaluated if needed.


Possible difficulties:

Workshop example: