Concentric Circles of Introduction

The chairs are set up in two concentric circles, so that each chair in one circle faces a chair in the other (see illustration). The number of chairs is equal to the number of participants. The participants take their seats. The people sitting facing each other are pairs. The trainer introduces a topic. The pairs discuss. After three to five minutes of discussion, participants from theinner circle move one spot to the left so that everyone now has a new pair, and the trainer introduces another topic. After another three to five minutes of discussion, the participants from the outer circle rotate one spot to the right. Some of the possible questions/topics for discussion: ͳ What do I do? ͳ Where do I live? ͳ My family… ͳ The event in my life that affected me the most. ͳ What person has strongly influenced me? ͳ How did I get here? ͳ What life is like where I come from. ͳ How do politics affect my life? ͳ What would I like to change? ͳ Visible and “invisible” effects of the war in the place where I live? (What are the effects of the war in my community?) ͳ What it was like meeting someone from the other side for the first time after the war. ͳ Some of the things I care about. ͳ A place I’d like to visit again. ͳ What do I need to achieve? ͳ What provides encouragement to me? ͳ What do I really enjoy? ͳ I am very frustrated when… ͳ I want to ask you…

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


This exercise will not allow everyone to talk with everyone else, but it’s a good choice for people who find it easier at the very beginning of the training to talk with just one person about a given topic, instead of having to share their thoughts in front of the whole group. It is important bear in mind that the selection of questions for discussion needs to be adapted to the profile of people in the group. Clear instructions should be given about the time frame so that both people in the pair get a chance to speak in each round.

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