Drawing Battle

Materials: Paper and pencils Exercise description Everyone splits up into pairs of person A and person B. The participants are asked not to talk during the exercise. All the A persons are taken aside (if possible outside the room) and told that their task is to draw a cityscape at sunset. All the B persons are told to draw a beach with bathers. Type of exercise: Interactive, experiential exercise Duration: 40 minutes Materials: Paper and pencils Then the pairs sit together and are given one paper and one pencil (per pair) with the instruction to draw the picture while holding the pencil together. The time for the exercise should be limited to 5–10 minutes.


Evaluation While the participants are replying to the evaluation questions, it would be useful for them to show everyone else their drawing. Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise: What was it like doing the drawing? What did you feel? What did you think about? How did you behave when it became clear that your tasks were at odds with each other?