“Husband, Wife, Compote” Story


Paper and pencils


Exercise description

The participants split into two or three groups. A volunteer from each group is taken aside and the story below is read out to them. Then they tell the story to another person from their group (without the rest hearing it), the second person tells it to a third person, and so on. The last person to hear the story is supposed to write it down and read it in plenary. When all three groups have read out the final versions of the story as they heard it, the original version is read to everyone.

Husband, Wife, Compote

You won’t believe what I heard yesterday. These people, a husband and wife, acquaintances of my parent’s godparents, they were eating apple compote after lunch. A piece of the apple got stuck in the husband’s throat. The wife slapped his back. The husband thought she wanted to fight. A neighbour walked in without knocking. She left the door open. A Roma woman walked in after her. At that point, a report about the earthquake in Izmir started on TV. The Roma woman tried to hold back the wife and the neighbour took hold of the husband. The husband dropped his wallet on the floor. After the tussle, the neighbour went back to her apartment and the Roma woman followed. The TV said more than 3000 people lost their homes and that a shipment of flour had arrived in the Izmir harbour, but no one knows how long it will have to stay there because the customs provisions have not been fully regulated. The postman showed up. The husband went to take out his wallet to pay the TV bill. The wallet was gone. They all went down to the police station. They stayed there for a long time because the Roma woman read their palms.


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What happened?

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15-60 min


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