Identity Barometer

Exercise description

The barometer method

Suggested statements for the barometer:

  • I am a patriot.
  • I have a better understanding with people of my religion.
  • Conflicts are inevitable among people of different identities.
  • Insisting on your own identity undermines multiculturalism in society. I have a better understanding with people who speak my language.
  • I accept diversity easily.
  • People from mixed marriages have an identity problem. I would give my life for my country.
  • There are identities that are imposed. National identity is imposed.
  • National identity is imposed.
  • I feel the need to defend my national identity when it comes under attack. You must know who you are.


Type of exercise:


15-60 min


It is optimal to have three to five prepared statements for the Barometer. The Barometer should not last for more than 20–30 minutes, because people will get tired standing on their feet and this will lead to a drop in attention when listening to others.

Possible difficulties:

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