Life on an Island

Materials: Flipchart paper, markers Exercise description The participants split into small groups (of 5 to 7 people). They are told that they find themselves on a desert island – each small group on its own island – and that there is no way to leave. To organise life on the island, they have to agree on and establish a common system of rules. They have 10 minutes to agree on their rules, and then they present them in the plenary. Type of exercise: Role play Duration: 70–90 minutes Materials: Flipchart paper, markers In the next step, get one volunteer from each group. Volunteers are taken out of the room and told that they will be going back to a different “island”. Their task is to defy the rules agreed on by the group on their new island and to try to change the rules or to boycott them. After 10 minutes of the volunteers being on their new islands, the exercise is stopped and followed by evaluation. ontera na novim ostrvima vežba se završava i sledi evaluacija.


Evaluation Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise: Ask each group: What happened? Then tell them about the instructions given to the new islanders. How did the newcomers feel about their role as rule-breakers, and how did the islanders feel about their system being disrespected? Who was the victim and who was the aggressor? How does this experience relate to real life?

Type of exercise:


45-90 min


If some of the participants are familiar with this exercise from before, you can ask them to be observers and contribute valuable insights to the evaluation.