Magazine Analysis

Materials: Daily newspapers, weeklies, magazines


Exercise description

Split into three groups: one “female”, one “male” and one “mixed”.

Work in groups. Instructions for the working groups: “Your task is to look through the newspapers and magazines to find articles/photos/ads and whatever else you connect to the topic of the workshop. Once everyone has found at least two or three things, discuss them in your group and decide which ones you will present in the plenary for 10 minutes. Also, select a person from the group to do the presentation. You have 45 minutes.”

Presentations. One person from each group presents the main points of the group discussion – maximum 10 minutes. The presentations follow each other, with any clarification questions asked on the spot.

Discussion in the plenary. Only after all three presentations are done, open the discussion in plenary for comments and questions (up to 30 minutes).



Possible difficulties:

Workshop example: