Places that are Important to Me (The Map)

A map of the former Yugoslavia, Europe or the world (it can be a geographic map, road map or just contours drawn on flipchart paper) is put up on the wall. Participants approach the map one by one and use a marker to mark places important to them, connected to memories or experiences. They briefly explain their relationships to these places to others in the group. Take a few minutes to think before performing the exercise.


Materials: Geographic map of the former Yugoslavia, Europe or the world


Alternative version of the exercise On the geographic map, mark the places the participants are from beforehand. The task of the participants is to go to the map and mark all the places they are connected with, explaining the connections (so that all “their” places are connected with a dotted line).

Type of exercise:


15-60 min


In the context of CNA training that brings together people from different parts of the former Yugoslavia, this exercise can be particularly powerful. It helps foster understanding of different life experiences among the group, different notions of the former common state and today’s region criss-crossed with borders of newly established states, but it also indicates mutual connections and proximity. It works equally well when done with newly formed groups and with groups of people who already know each other. It can be done at the beginning or at any other point during the training. It is useful for when people need to reconnect with personal experiences and personal connections or when mutual understanding needs to be enhanced.



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