Presidential Elections

Materials: Paper and pencils

Exercise description

The participants split into two groups: the “candidates” (five or six persons) and the “voters”. The candidates have two to three minutes to come up with their presentations – how they will campaign in the presidential elections to get the most people to vote for them. Then they have up to two minutes for their presentation.

This is followed by a “press conference” where the candidates respond to questions from the voters (10-15 minutes). Next comes voting by secret ballot. If more candidates have the same (highest) number of votes, a second round of voting is carried out. At the end, the elected president must sing a song together with his/her supporters.



Suggested questions to evaluate the exercise:

For the candidates: What was your guiding idea when you were coming up with a strategy? How did you feel?

For the voters: How did you decide who to vote for?

For everyone: Do you see any parallels with national presidential elections?



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