Reconciliation and Me

Materials: Flipchart paper, markers


Exercise description

Flipchart papers are laid out on the floor, each with one of the following questions:

  • What is my biggest challenge in reconciliation?
  • With whom and with what am I supposed to reconcile/build relationships?
  • Who is supposed to reconcile with whom?
  • Who can I, who should I, and who do I want to forgive for what?
  • Who do I want and need forgiveness from?

Everyone walks up to write their answer or read what is written. Give people some time to look over what was written.


Type of exercise:


15-60 min


This exercise is particularly useful when we need to go back to ourselves and our role in society, and especially if the group is motivated to discuss socio-political processes but not to reflect on their own roles and responsibilities in them. These issues can also be discussed in the plenary or in small groups, of course, but sometimes it can be useful to close the discussion space and open up space for self-reflection.

Possible difficulties:

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