Discrimination against Women and Discrimination against Men

Materials: Flipchart paper, markers


Exercise description

The participants split into four groups: two of just men and two of just women. One men’s and one women’s group (independently) write out examples of discrimination of women in society on their flipchart paper; and the other women’s and men’s group write out examples of discrimination against men (about 15 minutes). Then each group presents their work and is asked questions for clarification.

Discussion in the plenary

Suggested questions for the discussion:

  • “How does this seem to you?
  • How do you usually react in situations when you are discriminated against?
  • Or when you witness the discrimination of someone else?”




Type of exercise:


45-90 min


In this case, the order of the groups presenting could be significant. Women often approach this task very seriously, while giggling can be heard from both male groups, and especially the one working on discrimination against men. Therefore, starting with the female group that worked on discrimination against women can help lend seriousness to the topic. Next, the male group working on the same topic presents its work. Then the male group working on discrimination against men presents, followed by the female group working on the same topic.